Bespoke Soft Furnishings

You may be surprised to see an article on soft furnishings from a luxury home technology company but we assure you it's far more logical than you may think. (12 Apr 2018)

We have many years of experience offering automated blinds and curtains to accompany our automated lighting systems. Both require the same sort of control and are usually both programmed and operable from the same keypad or touchscreen. Having complete control over the light in your home means controlling natural, as well as artificial, light.

However, curtains and blinds have to work with the other furnishings in your home - sofa cushions, bed linen and so on. Although it's often possible to find fabrics in our catalogue that complement the choice of fabric for other soft furnishings, what if you want to use the same fabric or a paired fabric from the same collection? Or what if you want the automated window treatments in one room to match the manual window treatments in another? This is where our soft furnishing service comes in.

We work with the leading window treatment and soft furnishing company in the UK to provide high-end curtains, roman blinds, luxury bedding, cushions and even towels. Fabric can be provided by you or chosen from an incredible range of high quality fabrics. You can even specify the finer details you would expect from bespoke furnishings, including the colour of the stitching, the type of pleat for your curtains, the shape, firmness and border type of cushions, embroidery and more.

Of course, there are technical benefits too. On a typical project, accommodating the mechanisms of intelligent blinds and curtains is often overlooked by architects and contractors without the knowledgeable input of a luxury home technology company. By offering a complete range of soft furnishing options to complement our intelligent window treatments, we can work alongside your interior designer, architect and contractor to deliver your chosen scheme, fully automated and to your exact design requirements, with no unpleasant surprises.

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