CEDIA Awards 2014

(14 Jul 2014)

Hunter S Thompson once said that every glittering ounce of good news "should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond." We agree. And so here it is, Philharmonic's good news -
We are winners.

Of course, this is the morning mantra through which we provide excellent service and exceptional installs, but on the 11th July 2014, it transformed beyond our daily incantation into the realms of the official. We are winners with a real-life, raise-aloft trophy to prove it.

On Friday evening, CEDIA, our industry body, celebrated the best in residential custom installation projects at the Old Royal Navy College, Greenwich. Honoured to be nominated, we donned our bow ties and high heels and hot footed / hobbled our way to the Painted Hall of Greenwich Hospital, where we were absolutely thrilled to be announced as winners of the Best Media Room over 15,000 GBP.

In his opening address, CEDIA chairman Kris Hogg asserted that while all short-listed projects "demonstrated great integration at a system and design level... the winners show an extra dimension in creativity, innovation and wow factor that really sets them apart." To be recognised as a company that strives for, and achieves, excellence is a fantastic affirmation of Philharmonic's intention to go beyond the acceptable to the exceptional.

And while Thompson worships and fondles good news like a priceless diamond, you can be sure Steve, our Senior Installer, is doing the same with our shiny new trophy.

Here's a reminder of our award-winning install.


Thanks to CEDIA for a wonderful evening and our friends at Artcoustic, Arcam, AWE, Future Automation and Control4 for their groundbreaking products which were such an important element in this winning job.

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