Ellis Designs' Article on the Philharmonic AV Show Home

(12 Aug 2015)

The following article was written by Ellis Designs, a progressive architectural design company, and appears on their website:

Now That's Entertainment! Audio Visual Design.

"Less talking, more listening." That's a strong tag line for the modern day, not just for an audio visual design brand.

Philharmonic, the tech company in question, have set up their newest show home in Whitstable, and invited us round for a show-and-tell. Needless to say, we liked what we saw.

They specialise in high end residential informatics such as home cinema systems, 'lighting and shade' and networking, which links nicely into our business of architectural and interior design.

They are then integrating home automation, control, security and access mechanisms which can revolutionise the way we interact with our homes. What were previously structures that we merely inhabited, can become an almost sentient component of our lives, which actively respond to our instruction and everyday rhythm.

I could now go into the technical specifications of the place: the technicalities of particular speakers, screens and light bulbs, but who am I kidding? I was bowled over by the sheer beauty of the attention to detail that had gone into the joint, not to mention the actual equipment.

Like a kid at Christmas amid the iPads in every room controlling all sorts of facets and functions, the golf simulator with floor to ceiling screens and an acoustically lined cinema, the centralised system that meant doors could be locked, blinds can be lifted and heating tweaked remotely, and the fact that none of it was 'in your face'.

The equipment was part of the family home, because that what it is... a family home.

The verdict?


The more accessible we make these audio visual design technologies, the more innovative and cohesive we can be with the places we call home.

To read more about Ellis Designs, please visit their website - www.ellisdesigns.co.uk

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