Managed vs Unmanaged Wi-Fi

Why Do I lose Internet Signal In My Home? (23 Mar 2015)

"Why have I only got one bar of signal while I'm right next to an access point in my house?". "Why are my mobile devices losing internet connection even though I'm still at home?". Sound familiar? If you have multiple access points in your home, the answer will most probably be because - like most homes - you don't have a managed Wi-Fi system.

An unmanaged Wi-Fi system is what most of us are using everyday. Your router (the device you plug into your phone line that makes the internet accessible within your home) doubles up as an access point and often there are no other access points installed so that your Wi-Fi signal reduces the further from your router you are. In a larger home, you probably have multiple access points to provide internet access to areas that just one router can't reach but these access points are not linked in any way - they are "unmanaged".

Having unmanaged multiple access points can cause the same problems as only having one - the further you are from an access point, the weaker the internet signal will be because your device will remain connected to an access point until you lose it's signal completely and only then will it connect to a nearer access point. This means you could be sat right next to an access point that would provide perfect signal but you're still connected to one downstairs, which is leaving you with half loaded pages, interrupted streaming or virtually no connection at all.

Installing a managed Wi-Fi system provides the solution to these frustrations for anyone using multiple access points in their home. This system intelligently moves your device's connection to the access point with the strongest signal in your location, ensuring that you always have the best possible connection, no matter where you are in your home.

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