Mirror Televisions by PictureFrame.TV

The Stylish Television Option (16 Mar 2015)

Mirror Televisions by PictureFrame.TV
The Stylish Television Option

What Is A Mirror TV?

A mirror TV is essentially a two way mirror in front of a TV, making it the most discrete of TVs and a particularly stylish option for anyone who's passionate about the interior of their home and who doesn't want a TV to detract from the aesthetics of their living space.

As with all good things in life, there is a downside to this technology. There is, unfortunately, a compromise between the reflectiveness of the mirror and the quality of the TV image. To mitigate this compromise there are three variations of glass available, ranging from the best mirror to the best TV image, allowing the client to choose which version suits their location and preference.

Introducing PictureFrame.TV

PictureFrame.TV is the Picasso of mirror TV manufacturers, with the ability to adjust to what you, as a potential customer, are looking for. With the use of up-to-date technology and unlimited bespoke tailoring options, their mirror TVs serve any home, from the super contemporary to the elegantly traditional, very effectively.

The Technology

The screen technology varies from 1080p HD through to UHD 4K, which has four times the detail of standard 1080p HD technology. All the screens are 3D compatible and come with a quad core processor making its processing power unbelievably quick. Also, with the use of an extension, you can watch any media from a USB on your TV.

How Mirror TVs Are Made

PictureFrame.TVs specially prepared glass is coated, painted, cut and baked for each unit that is made. This is an extremely sensitive process with even the slightest of imperfections deeming a piece of glass completely unusable. Each single piece is quality control tested to ensure that the glass allows the correct amount of light through while giving off an excellent reflection. This is a fine art, only mastered by a few.

Bespoke Tailoring

Customers can select from PictureFrame.TV's 81 vastly varying catalogue frames, from the minimal to the ornate. But the choice doesn't stop there. Every aesthetic element of their mirror TVs, including shape and size, is customisable and customers looking to make a completely unique piece can collaborate with their in-house design team - a really lovely touch. Add the fact they can now upholster fabric onto any frame to match or compliment any surrounding, and it is clear that the possibilities are endless.


As installers, we can't fail to mention how wonderful it is to have a solution like this for our clients. Being able to integrate a mirror TV solution into our video distribution system means that a client no longer has to decide between having a TV or not. Now they can have their cake and eat it.

The Future for PictureFrame.TV

After introducing 4K screens into their standard products earlier in the year, they are constantly analysing their glass types to ensure the best possible picture quality and mirror reflection for the end user. The aim for this year is to develop products that could be used in all parts of the home as well as commercial applications. They continue to push the boundaries regarding size, shapes and frame types so to continually remain fully equipped to match any decor for any project.

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