New Premium Cinema Seating From Cinema Tech

A Review of The Latest & Greatest (24 Mar 2015)

At the ISE audio-visual expo this year, we previewed American company CinemaTech's new cinema seating for 2015. Recently launched, we believe that these premium models will redefine the design standard for home theatre chairs.

They have created three new seating options, all of which are going to be part of their premium 'Act 1' series - 'Lucido', 'Tesoro' and 'Taro' . These seats are more than just new designs; they also have a tonne of exciting new features....

The Act 1 series is seen by many as the best cinema seating on the market with buyers coming from backgrounds such as professional basketball leagues, Hollywood and Fortune 500 companies. The series has varying designs and a vast array of material options to suit all interior styles and the new range is no exception to these rules.

They Can Include All These Current Features Of The Act 1 Series

1. Motorised Incliners
2. Pivoting Headrests
3. Steel Frames
4. Seat Back Height = 43" (standard) or 47"
5. Seat Pan Width = 23" (standard) or 21"
6. Arm Width = 8"
7. Endless Layout Configurations
8. Material = 3 grades of leather, Elmo leathers, ultra-suede, customers' own leathers and fabrics (and the Le Grande and Valentino seats also have a two-tone colour blocking option - a current trending style of high-end fashion).
9. With or Without Nail Heads
10. Transferrable Glass Table
11. Contrast Stitching
12. Removable Smart Arms

New Additional Features Of The Lucido, Tesoro and Taro

1. Dual Reclining/Inclining Motors
2. Fully Automated Control
3. Motorised Head Rest
4. USB Port
5. LED Lighting Features
6. Added Material Options - Velour and Woven

Design Close-Ups


The Taro is possibly the most aesthetically original of all CinemaTech's models. Its sharp lines and contours, together with its use of contrasting materials, provide an appealingly modern angular look.


We particularly love the Lucido. The design's slightly biomorphic approach gives it an organic feel, while the almost wingback nature of the headrest gives an air of power. These are seats to be reckoned with.


The Tesoro combines European contemporary design and top tier comfort to create this great all-rounder. Its clean curves make it possibly the most understated of the three new models.

When CinemaTech's Le Grande and Valentino seats debuted back in 1999, they became one of the most copied cinema seating designs in history. Even to this day, virtually every cinema-seating manufacturer has some version of, or has used some design technique derived from, these two models. We have a feeling that the new designs, with all of their originality, are going to be trend setters as well.

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