What Is Room Correction And Why Should You Bother?

(15 Jan 2016)

We all want great sound from our audio equipment. We spend our hard earned cash on the best system we can afford, unpack our shiny new toys and give it pride of place in the living room.

Why then does it sometimes not sound as good as the first time we heard it in the shop?

Why does it sound different in two similar rooms?

The answer is due to differing acoustics produced from the way a room is constructed, how it's furnished and even its shape.

So What's The Solution?

When looking for audio perfection, traditionally you would have had to look at Room Treatment. This is a physical option, ranging from D.I.Y solutions to having a room professionally treated. Whilst the sound will be improved, it can all prove very costly, not to mention that having various shaped acoustic boards hanging from the walls/ceiling and free standing may not work for you aesthetically.

Thankfully now it is common place for Room Correction software to be included with your shiny new amplifier, be it a standard stereo or full blown cinema setup.

What Does Room Correction Do?

Room Correction aims to reduce or even eliminate the need for any physical alterations to your listening room.

What Do I Have To Do?

Once everything is unpacked, perfectly positioned and connected, plug in the included microphone and you're ready to go. The setup process is mostly automated, so it couldn't be simpler.

The microphone measures, from several points in the room (your favourite and usual listening positions) how your room reacts to certain sounds that are common in music and film soundtracks. A series of tones are played through each speaker, the microphone records them and then, once all the readings have been taken, it's over to the software to analyse the results, and tailor the system's sound to your room.

Relax, have a listen, and if you're happy with the sound, save the settings as a "profile". Manual adjustments can always be made later if you feel anything needs tweaking.

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