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Why you may want to consider upgrading to SkyQ, and what to consider if you do. Steve (8 Aug 2017)

SkyQ is Sky's latest TV service offering. It's the biggest change to their service since Sky+ was released many years ago. Here, we cover some of the reasons you may want to upgrade to SkyQ, and what you need to know if you do.

Why might I want it?
4k/UHD content.
One of the catalysts for Sky to release this new system was the need to be able to deliver 4K/UHD content to everyone's new 4K TVs. The SkyQ 2TB Silver box (the larger of the two main boxes available) can deliver this content. Note that the Mini Boxes (SkyQ's equivalent of a multiroom box) and the regular main box, can only deliver HD imagery.

Fewer cables!
SkyQ needs just 2 cables from the dish to the first box. Any additional boxes, called Mini Boxes, connect to the first box by network (Wi-Fi, wired or power line).

Carefree recording.
Anything you choose to record gets stored on the hard drive in the main box. The cool thing is, you can watch it back on any SkyQ box in the system. You can even start watching a recording in one room, then move to another room and carry on from where you left off.

New Interface.
The new SkyQ interface is much slicker than the SkyHD interface, with new ways to find the content you want, including voice search.

Are there any downsides?
Sky have to make a change to the LMB on your satellite dish. So they'll need access to the dish and you have to wait for one of their engineers to be available. If you live in an apartment and the building has a communal dish, it will need upgrading along with the internal distribution system, so you'll have to convince the building management to upgrade it (unless you're in one of the lucky ones that Sky are doing for free).

I want to get SkyQ, is there anything else I need to think about?
If you want to make use of the 4k/UHD programming available on SkyQ, you'll need a 4K compatible TV. You'll also need to make sure any equipment that sits between the TV and the Sky box, for example an AV Receiver or video distribution system, can handle 4K/UHD video.

If you're happy with HD programming, you can still have SkyQ for the other benefits it brings. You can then manage with the 1TB box for the main box, but Sky will still need to come to make changes to the dish.

If you're considering getting SkyQ, our advice is:
+ Remember, the Sky engineer will likely need access to your dish
+ Order the 2TB Silver box if you want 4K and remember only this box can deliver 4K, not the Mini Boxes.
+ If you're just moving in to a new property, your internet needs to be up and running before Sky will attend to install SkyQ.

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