Smart Home Lighting

(1 Feb 2016)

Even if you don't know it, you probably have a perfect lighting setup for every occasion (known in the trade as a "lighting scene"). No doubt you've sat in a room where it is too bright to relax or too dark to read. You know which lights to turn on, off and dim to make it perfect, but to change the whole array of lights to set that perfect scene has always required the careful combination of pressing and twiddling a number of buttons.

A smart lighting system is an easily-customisable home lighting solution. It can be perfectly programmed so that each required scene can be activated by the touch of a button, smartphone or tablet. All of a sudden that "dinner scene" is exactly the right combination of lights to set the mood for your evening meal with family or friends and the "reading scene" dims all but the closest light to your comfiest chair. It's easy, quick and personal to you and your home.

A smart home lighting system isn't just about creating the perfect ambience, of course. Security is vastly improved by being able to connect your lighting system to your alarm system. It doesn't seem long ago that we thought adding a bulky timer to a lamp for it to come on at 7.27pm each night while on holiday was the height of technology. Now, holiday modes can be created where a whole series of lights and window treatments are set to simulate people at home (and at more natural, varying times). And it would be remiss of us not to mention the energy saving possibilities. By dimming a light 10% you save 10% on the cost of the electricity and you double the expected life of the lamp.

So where do you start? As with all elements of home technology, quality cabling is essential. Traditional lighting has the lights wired directly to the switch or dimmer that controls them. With a smart lighting system, the light circuits are all cabled back to a central panel or enclosure. From here, using a processor and a clever bit of programming, you can have any button reference a combination of light levels from any circuits. Personally, we are big fans of the Lutron and Control4 smart lighting systems.

The real intelligence of smart home lighting comes from your creativity to make the most of your lighting design, combined with the right expertise to make it happen.

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