Kaleidescape's Encore Line

4K UltraHD Technology Out Of The Cinema And Into Your Home (18 Dec 2015)

Kaleidescape's latest Encore Line is set to be the first to bring true 4K UltraHD content to the home. As ever, they do it in an exceptionally beautiful and technologically advanced way.

When the new 4K Kaleidescape Store launches in January 2016, the Encore Line will have access to the largest collection of 4K movies available, with around 100 titles from picture houses such as Sony, Orchard, K2 and Moving Art. This collection will certainly grow and will of course join the 700+ HD titles currently available. At this time, the Kaleidescape Store remains the only source of downloadable Dolby Atmos encoded 3D audio, the latest surround sound technology to make the leap from cinemas to the home. 4K titles will be priced comparative to purchasing physical UltraHD Blu-ray, with an upgrade option for previously purchased HD titles expected in due course.

The Encore line includes the Strato - a 4K Media Player, the Alto - a high-performance Blu-ray Player with disc drive, and the Terra Server - a high capacity storage and distribution device with a massive 24TB of space. For those with an existing collection of Blu-ray and DVDs, the Disc Server from the previous generation can be configured to work with the new line. Be warned though - this cannot be used across the two systems at once.

The Strato Movie Player

Sitting atop the Encore System is the Strato Movie Player. Upon the Encore's release in late January 2016, the Strato will be the first true UltraHD video source available in the UK market, supporting all the latest standards which until now have only been adopted by manufacturers in part. Its rear HDMI 2.0a port supports 10-bit colour as well as high dynamic range, promising richer colours and a higher contrast than ever before. The player also supports the latest copy protection, HDCP 2.2, which is a requirement in the upcoming UltraHD Blu-ray standard. For your existing HD collection, the Strato has an advanced upscaling engine which will breathe new life into your favourite movies. A neat addition to this unit is a separate HDMI port intended just for audio. This means there is no need to replace an existing, non HDCP compliant AV receiver in order to feel the benefits of your downloaded titles' lossless surround sound; simply connect the Strato directly to your 4K TV or projector for video, then send the unprotected audio to whatever surround sound system you currently use.

The Alto Blu-ray Player

The entry-level HD Alto player is the successor to the popular Cinema One. With its built-in disc drive, it combines pristine Blu-ray playback with the Kaleidescape Store experience we know and love.

Multiple Players And The Terra Server

The Strato and Alto are available with 6TB of internal storage and are designed to work either as standalone units, within a collection of multiple players, or with a central networked server for larger systems. Without a server, a maximum of 4 Strato or Alto players can be combined in a small to medium system. Content can be stored on any of the devices and streamed between them. Each player can process up to two downloads at once, meaning one device can either be displaying a movie locally while simultaneously allowing one other player to access content on its hard drive, or two players can watch different content from the same player.
If you are looking at using the Encore system in more than 4 areas, you should consider a slightly different approach. The Terra Server is a high capacity storage unit (24TB capacity) and high bandwidth network video distributor. It can provide up to 7 Strato players with 4K streams or up to 15 Strato or Alto players with HD content simultaneously.

If you have an existing Kaleidescape system and want to get your hands on all that 4K content, a Strato player will give you access to all your previously downloaded content, plus, in due course, the opportunity to upgrade those purchases to the 4K version if available. If you would like to experience all the benefits of Kaleidescape's unique platform and unparalleled video quality, get in touch with us on 0207 887 2424 for a chat or to arrange a visit to our show home.

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