Hyperfast and Gigabit Broadband

The Fastest Broadband In The World (20 Mar 2015)

Hyperfast and Gigabit Broadband: The Fastest Broadband In The World

The days of dial-up are long gone and even broadband as we currently know it is being made to look like a "slow coach" by the new kids on the block - Hyperfast and Gigabit broadband.

The Slow Coach (Copper)

We all remember the advent of broadband replacing our screechy dial up connections back in 2000. But these days, with life getting faster and faster, standard broadband, and even the later high speed broadband, feels sluggish. The problem is copper wiring. This type of cable is highly susceptible to interference and, as speed diminishes the further you are from an exchange, maximum possible speeds of only 24Mbps are possible.

The High Speed Option (Fibre Optic)

The magic of fibre optic cabling then arrived with a loud fanfare from the major providers, such as BT, Virgin and Sky. Fibre-optic cable is the answer to all the problems of copper-wiring; immune to interference, able to maintain signal speeds regardless of distance and super fast!

Many of us are now able to receive fibre optic services, but unknowingly, our internet connection is still stuck on the "slow coach" for part of the journey into our home. Although many telephone exchanges and street cabinets have been upgraded to support fibre optic services, the signal from the street cabinet to our homes still uses our old friend copper wiring. We can be promised the provision of 'Superfast' broadband speeds of up to 80Mbps, but the actual achievable speed will still depend on our distance from the street cabinet.

How Do I Gain The Fastest Broadband?

Upgrading the cable or replacing it with full-fibre between street cabinets and our homes is the only way to achieve the faster, "ultra-fast", internet connections of up to 100Mbps or beyond. Virgin were the first to upgrade their cable in early 2014 and achieve 152 Mbps, but, if that's not enough for you, there is still hope. If you are a real speed demon, full fibre will get you the mind-boggling speeds of hyperfast broadband, up to 500 Mbps, and gigabit broadband, up to an amazing 1000Mbps! Hyperoptic, Gigaclear and Gigler are all investing in this new era.

However, as with all things in life, there is a catch. At the moment, full fibre broadband is only available in select locations with the cost implications limiting its widespread rollout. But, if money is no object, certain companies, (such as Hyperoptic) will lay new fibre optic cables just for you between the street cabinet and your home, giving you access to the first class carriage on a very high speed service.

The days of copper wire and even part fibre services are numbered - the future is full fibre broadband and we watch with interest as to how quickly the providers can quench the UK's need for speed!

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