The New Control4 Range

(5 Apr 2016)

Control4 have recently launched a brand spanking new range of Control Processors - the EA Range. We're excited and, if you're in the market for home automation, you should be too. These sleek boxes have been purpose-built to provide even better performance with high resolution audio and there's a model for every home.

If you're unaware what the benefits of a home automation control system can be, then imagine a common sight - a home entertainment system and a coffee table full of remote controls, all of which require working batteries and a working knowledge of which button to press on each remote! Control4 has long been providing a single-remote solution for this common scenario, utilising reliable radio technology so you don't even need to point the remote over any pot plants obscuring your equipment. Now their new range bridges the gap between their HC-250 and HC-800 controllers, providing a solution for all setups.

The EA-1 processor is perfect for the single room home cinema. Its diminutive size belies its power. All elements of a cinema or media setup can be controlled and high resolution audio is provided via its HDMI output - now a staple connection for home cinema amplifiers. It can be easily paired with Control4's latest system remote control, the SR-260, for simple, streamlined control.

The EA-3 processor expands upon the EA-1's capabilities. It is able to control larger systems and the expanded audio output connectivity allows audio streams to be sent to another room in your home, creating a second audio zone. Digital audio is provided via HDMI and digital coax, along with an analogue audio connector for amplifiers without digital capability.

The EA-5 processor is designed to be the backbone of a large home automation system. Capable of controlling hundreds of devices simultaneously, whether it's climate control, security systems, home cinema or lighting, it can do it all with ease. It also features multiple audio outputs to create several audio zones in your home and, with its audiophile-grade electronics, they're capable of making the most of your much-loved Hi-Fi system.

Finally, all Control4 processors are able to connect to your home network (either wired or wirelessly) and provide access to your favourite music via a built-in music server and streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and TuneIn Radio. However, the new EA Range includes Control4's ShairBridge technology, which accesses Airplay enabled devices, and a USB socket (or a higher spec eSata socket on the EA-5) for music libraries contained on an external drive.

All in all, the the new EA Range by Control4 packs a punch, no matter which level of system you require. If you'd like to discuss how this fresh offering can reinvigorate your home, why not give us call on 0207 887 2424.

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