Virtual Reality and AV

(20 Jun 2016)

This year the tech world has been talking about one thing more than any other: Virtual Reality. The uses for this futuristic technology are infinite but we'd like to talk about just one, and it might just change the way you see your dream home.

When building or renovating your home, most likely you will have seen plenty of highly detailed plans, elevations, schematics and even beautiful artists' impressions. But how much can you get from these static 2D documents? We've previously written about the benefits of using BIM and 3D rendering, giving our clients a better sense of what to expect from a finished project, but Virtual Reality can place you right inside your newly designed home.

Combining our use of Revit (industry standard BIM software) with beautiful 3D rendering and Virtual Reality technology, we can produce immersive experiences that show you exactly what to expect in your finished home. Don't like something about it? That's fine! Before a single nail has been struck or wall plastered, you can see exactly what your architect, interior designer and AV specialist are proposing with your own eyes so you can make informed decisions early in the process.

The potential for Virtual Reality in home design is so vast, the benefits don't stop there. Imagine experiencing the lights dim in your soon-to-be-built home cinema and your favourite movie begin to play on the screen inside your own interactive cinema design. Or perhaps sitting in your study while we run through a day's worth of sunlight, making sure we avoid that hour of intense sunshine glaring straight onto your computer monitor!

Although currently in its early stages, with more advanced technology it will even be possible to modify the virtual room in real time, changing the sizes of TVs, the colour of walls and the finish of your speakers. Gone will be the days of long revision processes and frequent re-issues of drawings.

Anyone who has tried even the most basic Virtual Reality headset will tell you that the sense of space is uncanny. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Google Cardboard headsets are available for as little as 4.00 GBP and work with the vast majority of smartphones. The technology is only getting better, with wider fields of view and higher resolution, the line between reality and the virtual will become ever more blurred.

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