Watch New Movies at Home the Same Day as Cinema Release

(8 Feb 2018)

We all know, even for those with the luxury of a Philharmonic AV home cinema, the lure of a new film release is strong and if you don't want to miss out on the latest blockbuster, you have no choice but to forsake the ultimate luxury of your own bespoke home cinema for the public, chatter-filled screens of your local movie theatre.

But soon this may change!

Our preferred Movie Server, Kaleidescape, recently announced the integration of NexGuard into their players, which helps them to meet the stringent requirements film studios impose on cinemas for screening the latest releases.

Excited? You should be. While we're still awaiting an official announcement, Kaleidescape has made no secret of their wish to offer customers the ability to enjoy the very latest films in their own homes. Having already obtained agreements with nearly all of the major studios to offer bit-for-bit Blu-ray quality downloads via their existing players, the foundations have already been laid. In our opinion, it's only a matter of time before a Philharmonic-installed Home Cinema will be offering premiere-level access to new releases.

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