What is 4K

(8 Jan 2016)

The newest video standard to emerge since Full HD, 4K contains four times the amount of detail compared to a standard HD image and is an exciting upgrade to our viewing pleasure.

Arguably the most striking advancement of 4K is not the increased resolution it offers but the increased colour depth and dynamic range. Colour depth is a way of measuring the number of different colours displayable and dynamic range is the difference in brightness between darkest black and brightest white. In terms of visible colours, 4K is capable of reproducing up to 75% of what the human eye can see, which is compared to 35% in a Full HD image. The increased dynamic range coupled with this larger colour depth means compatible 4K televisions and projector screens can give a much more vibrant and natural looking image.

More and more content providers are offering 4K films and television. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video were, naturally, early pioneers but Sky Q and Virgin are now firmly on the bandwagon too. If you don't already have 4K compatible hardware, now is the time to invest. There are excellent options for 4K televisions available from all the key manufacturers but if you're in the market for a home cinema, we highly recommend Kaleidescape's 4K range of movie servers and a 4K compatible projector and projector screen. Still need some convincing? We would be delighted to arrange a home cinema demonstration, complete with the most breathtaking video quality you have ever seen.

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