What is Multi-Room Audio

(10 Feb 2016)

'Multi-room audio' is probably a term you've heard many times and if you're considering renovating your home, it's an absolute must. But what is it?

Simply, multi-room audio is having the ability to listen to music in every room in your home. This first part is nothing special - having the radio on in the Kitchen and a record deck connected to a set of floor-standing speakers in the Study does this too, so why is multi-room audio such a big deal?

Part two is the magic. What if you want to listen to the same music in different rooms? Maybe you're having a party and want the same music to play in the Dining Room, Kitchen and Sitting Room. Maybe you love listening to the Archers on Radio 4 and want to do so whilst cleaning all over the house. Perhaps you're listening to music in one room and now want to move to another - wouldn't it be great to have your music move with you, picking up exactly where you left off? Modern multi-room audio systems give you the freedom to do this.

There's no need for unsightly equipment either. All the equipment can be installed out of sight and you can choose speakers to suit the design of every room - discreet bookshelf speakers, invisible in-wall or in-ceiling speakers or maybe a pair of dramatic floor-standing speakers. All control can be done via an app on your smartphone, tablet or both and you can listen to your existing music collection - CDs and iTunes - or stream internet radio, Spotify, Tidal or any other service you can think of.

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