Why We Chose Arcam

(8 Mar 2016)

Anyone who has been following us for several years will know about our focus on performance and commitment to only supplying equipment we whole-heartedly believe in. A case in point is our relationship with Arcam, which is one of our most prized as AV specialists. Being the passionate people that we are, we wanted everyone to know why they were first choice when it came to our own Show Home...

Arcam has always held the reputation of being the 'Best of British.' They are synonymous with musical excellence and even before our company was founded it had a place in our employees' hearts and homes. Our Director included, who had no less than three Solo Mini players scattered around his London home, paired with Arcam Muso speakers. The performance from even a small setup never failed to blow him away.

When Philharmonic AV was born, our search for the best products naturally started with Arcam. In those early days, we didn't yet have our superb Show Home for trialling new units so we approached one of our trusted speaker partners. Admittedly, they were initially hesitant - would Arcam really prove to be better than other brands and truly make the most of their speakers? Nevertheless, they agreed (entertaining us with their usual charm and friendliness!) and at the end of the day it's safe to say we were all amazed. The hi-fi elements of the Arcam electronics partnered beautifully with the speakers, producing a truly exceptional quality of sound. It was the beginning of a fantastic partnership that we have trusted ever since.

Fast forward to 2014 - specifying the products for our Show Home. Our first port of call on this labour of love? You guessed it: Arcam. For us, their AVRs and amplifiers were the only choice to give that 'Wow Factor' to our Home Cinema experience. We were thwarted, however, by advancements in 3D Audio. To ensure we were demonstrating the cutting edge of home AV technology, we determined to have a Dolby Atmos setup and herein lay our predicament - Arcam, being the quality-driven company that they are, chose not to rush in like many other manufacturers and instead took their time to ensure they produced equipment worthy of their reputation and avoiding the hardware failures that are often the bane of early-adopters.

So our choice was this: install our Home Cinema with traditional surround sound using Arcam, or hold out and use an alternative manufacturer to demonstrate Dolby Atmos until Arcam's new range hit the market. We chose the latter, opting to install an Atmos speaker system with an AVR from another manufacturer. Although we were pleasantly surprised by the results, we always knew the speakers were capable of more, so we continued to wait in anticipation for Arcam's new products. 'Slow and steady wins the race,' as they say.

When our Arcam Atmos-enabled AVR850 finally arrived into the office, the whole team was excited. But it was our engineers that had the enviable task of escorting our shiny new AVR to the Show Home and spending the afternoon installing the unit, including the Dirac room correction, and testing the setup with our favourite demo clips. Needless to say, we were mesmerised. Every clip was dramatically improved, some even sounding completely different as the Arcam AVR revealed wonderful nuances that our already impressive system could not convey.

Our love affair with Arcam promises to be one of life-long joy, always eagerly anticipating their new ranges (at the moment we're counting down to their new range of power amplifiers), and we love to share this joy with our discerning clients, for whom only the best will do.

If you want to experience the power of Arcam for yourself, give us a call on 0207 887 2424 to arrange a visit to our Show Home. You won't be disappointed!

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