Wireless Smart Blinds by Lutron

(27 Jan 2018)

Having to run new cabling to install the home technology systems you've always wanted can be a real obstacle to your dream home. For many, this just isn't an option.

While a quality cable infrastructure provides maximum stability and functionality, wireless technology is coming a long way. Until recently, being unable to run cables usually meant ruling out a smart blind system - they were too loud and too temperamental. A real shame because automatically controlled blinds can make a big impact in your home, especially when combined with a smart lighting system.

Now, Lutron - one of our preferred partners - have launched two new options for wireless smart blinds: roller blinds and cellular blinds (honeycomb-style). With a huge improvement in sound and reliability, they are a fantastic option for some projects.

Our Director, Phil, moved into a beautiful Grade 2 listed property and, as several of our clients know, the restrictions on design meant many windows could not have wired automated blinds. We used Lutron's new offering in a few key rooms and love the results - whisper quiet and as luxurious as their wired counterparts.

Although wired blinds are the best option for most projects, notably when tensioned skylight shades, venetian and roman blinds or curtain tracks are required, these new wireless options are an elegant solution to a common problem.

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