Workflow Wonder

(23 May 2016)

Processes. Processes. Processes. Any member of the Philharmonic AV team can tell you, we're obsessed! While they may seem rather less fun than our day-to-day work of installing exceptional home AV systems, we argue that they are no less important.

So what have processes got to do with it?

Processes are the underpinning of all the work that we deliver, from our on-site labour to project administration to our internal tasks and finances. We believe that by working on the way we work, we can improve and streamline everything we do to maximise our time and deliver the to our clients. A worthy cause! Repeat business and referrals are what we're all about - there can be no higher praise of our work than to have a client recommend us to their friends.

How exactly does a client feel the benefit of these "processes"?

When we first started on this journey, it seemed like a very big mountain to climb. Analysing every task that we do, writing it down, improving it, redrafting... We needed structure. Enter: The Workflow. The Workflow is a visual breakdown of every step of a project, the tasks we need to complete, when and who is responsible for them. All of our projects are now run on our Workflow schedule. This means that, at any time, we can let our client know exactly where we're up to and what will be coming next. The margin of error is increasingly reduced because we always know what our next step is and what we need to complete it. We understand the level of trust that our clients place in us with their homes and we hope that our Workflow helps to repay that trust by providing a reassuring, measurable marker of our progress.

The benefits are felt indirectly too, through improved working relationships with other project professionals: Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors, Electricians, Landscape Designers etc. etc. We love to build lasting relationships with our fellow professionals and the best way to do that is by being a reliable partner that they can have confidence in. Our Workflow makes sure that all elements of our documentation are kept up-to-date and communicated to the relevant parties efficiently. We can also schedule the tasks of our Workflow to keep on track with the project schedule using a little gem called Basecamp.

How would we live without Basecamp? It doesn't bear thinking about! As well as allowing us to schedule our tasks, we can use Basecamp as a central location for recording all kinds of project information: the client would like everything in White - Basecamped. The correct channels for emails or invoices - Basecamped. Information on disappearing cinema seats - Basecamped! This way, all members of our team can access project information so that we're always on the ball.

So our Workflow + Basecamp = a great partnership. By explaining the way that we work, we hope you'll see a great partnership with us too! We'd love to hear from you, whether a potential client or a professional looking for a reliable AV company, so please get in touch.

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