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Thrilling Movie and Music Lovers Alike

Founded in 1976, Arcam have spent decades with one goal in mind: to make high performance equipment able to reproduce the smallest detail captured by studio microphones. The result is a transporting sound experience, like sitting in a concert hall listening to a live performance.

In the field of AV Receivers, most competitors design their products with movies in mind; creating impressive explosions and spaceship fly-bys. At Arcam, they focus on the musical details. They attempt to recreate a concert pianist playing Beethoven in the Albert Hall or a Jazz Singer's breath haunting the audience at Village Vanguard, New York City. In doing this, the other impressive sounds follow. An AK47 being triggered next to you will always sound realistically gripping if the source of the sound can reproduce audio so magnificently, especially after they introduced Dolby Atmos support - 3D sound that is revolutionising the home cinema experience.

This great British brand blows its Japanese mainstream competitors out of the water - we know, we tested them! - and we know it will do the same with your existing surround sound or home cinema system.

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  • Beat several competitors hands down in a head-to-head comparison
  • Designed to capture minute, musical details, resulting in the best sound quality
  • Dolby Atmos enabled

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