Artcoustic Loudspeakers

Danish designed art loudspeakers and subwoofers

In the world of music, cinema and home technology, it's not uncommon for clients to be forced into making a choice between great design and excellent sound. But, through their years of knowledge and experience, Artcoustic have created speakers that reproduce music and movie soundtracks with breathtaking sound quality, all while looking rather beautiful.

We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if their sleek, minimal Danish aesthetic isn't to your taste, Artcoustic speakers can be fully customised to create the appearance that most pleases you. Interchangeable, colour-matchable speaker screens and cabinetry will have even your interior designer interested.

Their quality and continual development in both design and performance has made Artcoustic a staple on our projects for luxury home cinemas, neat and discreet bookshelf speakers or powerful living room surround sound.

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  • Beautiful sound quality
  • Range of speaker sizes available, including bespoke
  • Clean, minimal aesthetic
  • Design can be fully customised to suit any room

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