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So easy it's child's play...

At Philharmonic AV, we love to turn homes into the ultimate audio visual playgrounds for adults and children alike. We love home technology solutions so simple that even toddlers can take hold of them. Solutions so ingenious that grown-ups are in awe of them. Solutions that make life easier and make life fun. Which is why we love Kaleidescape.

Imagine all of your favourite movies at your fingertips and breathtaking picture and sound quality, offering the ultimate home cinema experience. Imagine no more searching for lost discs and sitting through previews and advertisements. Press PLAY and your movie begins instantly. Best of all, when combined with a multi room video system, Kaleidescape can be used in any room in the house.

For the ultimate cinema experience, the Kaleidescape Store offers content in incredible Dolby Atmos high-resolution audio and 4K Ultra HD with absolutely no loss of quality. With streaming sources - such as Netflix, iTunes, SkyQ - compression and bitrate allowance means an astonishing 75% of video quality and 95% of audio quality are lost.

On top of all that, Kaleidescape is designed with family in mind. Movies are automatically classified with appropriate ratings so you can easily choose the perfect film. In addition, you can keep inappropriate films from appearing in the list by setting a movie-rating limit for each room and at the press of any button on the Child Remote, the onscreen display automatically switches to the child-user interface, allowing little ones to select their desired program from a text-free interface that displays age-appropriate movie covers.

Kaleidescape - no smart home should be without it.

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  • Premier Movie Server
  • Variety of Options Available
  • Store and Play Hundreds of High Definition Movies
  • 4K UltraHD Content Available with Encore Line
  • Ideal for Home Cinemas and Video Systems
  • Demo Unit Available

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