Wisdom Audio

The Absolute Pinnacle Of Audio Performance

The best speakers we've ever heard were first heard at a big, noisy trade show with terrible acoustics. Their performance was remarkable.

Wisdom Audio is an American speaker manufacturer specialising in high performance loud speakers. In technical speak, their model range consists primarily of line-source loudspeakers, which work differently to traditional point-source speakers and the benefits are clear to hear. But what you really need to know is that no other speaker system we've ever heard offers such clarity, consistent frequency response or detail, with excellent sound quality that is as even in an irregular shaped cinema room as it would be in a large open plan space (like a trade show). Wisdom Audio also manufactures the electronics to drive their incredible speakers and their amplifiers and processors performing equally as impressively. It helps that they look stunning too.

From dedicated 2-channel listening rooms and medium-sized media rooms to the ultimate bespoke home cinemas, Wisdom has it covered.

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  • Impressive sound quality in all spaces, from large open plan to irregular-shaped rooms
  • Manufacture their own electronics, amplifiers and processors as well for a truly powerful speaker system
  • Bold designs

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