Essex Home Cinema

Our clients hoped to convert their unused out building into an entertainment space for family and friends.

With a cowshed - and no cows - sitting adjacent to their Essex home, our clients hoped to convert their unused out building into an entertainment space for family and friends. With drinks already catered for at the bespoke bar, our brief was to provide visual revelry in the shape of a dedicated home cinema. While we might not know cattle, we do know AV, and as such we couldn't wait to get things moving.

Our Audio Visual Solution

High performance was top of our clients' priorities, and a visit to Artcoustic's dedicated cinema made the choice of speakers an easy one. Used throughout both the bar and cinema, the speakers helped integrate the two areas to create one open zone in which they could mix and sip cocktails to light background music, take in a movie with full surround sound, or push back the sofas and turn up the volume.


While we believe a dark interior enhances the performance of the home cinema screen and, in turn, the viewers' enjoyment of the movie, some clients struggle with the concept of an inky interior. Not so here, where both husband and wife embraced a purple colour scheme, using it throughout the entire space to allow for maximum viewing pleasure.

As the room was to be multi-functional and flexible, casual seating seemed preferable to the more conventional rows of home-cinema style armchairs. Thus when the movie draws to a close and music becomes the main focus, the seats can quickly and easily be moved to make way for dancing. We mounted the front speakers and subwoofers behind an acoustically transparent screen, and to keep lines clean and simple, the same recess was used to house the remaining equipment in purpose-built cabinetry, thus ensuring the gadgetry did not impose on the interior design.

The Result

Our ecstatic - albeit exhausted - clients regularly have friends around for drinks, dancing or a movie. And when the sun comes up, their new home cinema is the perfect family hangout in which they sit snuggled up with their children on the sofa, playing XBOX or watching the latest 3D blockbuster. Proof that a cow shed really can moooove with the times.


  • JVC D-ILA X7 3D Projector
  • 8 pairs of 3D glasses
  • SMX Pro-Line 120" acoustically transparent screen
  • Artcoustic Spitfire Venue LCR speakers (3)
  • Artcoustic Spitfire Subwoofers (3)
  • Artcoustic DF65-50 Surround speakers (2)
  • Artcoustic Superstar Passive speakers (2 in bar)
  • Artcoustic PA-260 Amplifier (5)
  • Onkyo TX-NR5008 7.1 Surround Receiver
  • CE Labs HDMI over CAT6 Balun system
  • Sony BDP S780 Blu-ray player
  • SKY+ HD & 3D
  • Apple TV Generation 2
  • XBOX 360 250GB
  • iPhone/iPad used for control

Approx. Budget: £35,000

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