Seamless Upgrade for London Townhouse

Complete overhaul delivers impeccable performance with no disruption

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When the basement plant room of this 5-storey London townhouse flooded, the owner decided this was the moment to have the underperforming control system replaced.
The 12-year-old system managed the lighting, motorised blinds, motorised skylight windows and heating systems, but after there had been several additions, the client had become hugely frustrated with its poor performance and reliability. This was exacerbated when the programmer was nowhere to be found to make fixes, leaving the owners without key functions for several days.

The Philharmonic team was briefed to eliminate all reliability issues, but without causing any disruption to the rest of the house during install. This meant being realistic about what was still usable, and what had to be replaced.

The key decision was to swap out the KNX system for a Lutron Homeworks system, to deliver complete and flexible control.

But first, we had to work out what was already there, which was tricky with no access to up to date plans or the programming files. So, after some smart detective work we were able to map it all and take stock of the best solution for the family.

The flood damage already necessitated a complete change in the plant room, but beyond keypads and thermostats we were able to use the existing infrastructure in the main parts of the house.

The homeowners now have a single app interface for all controls via the Lutron Homeworks system, giving them total control of the lighting, blinds, heating and air conditioning.

So, we were able to keep to our promise of transforming the system with hardly any upheaval.

Our client says:
"We had become quite despondent about how unusable the control system for our house had become.
The team from Philharmonic AV have been a complete breath of fresh air. They immediately understood our requirements and frustrations, were clear in what they proposed and have delivered faultlessly.
Such a massive improvement in our quality of life, with a minimum of disruption."

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