Seaside Fun House

A Stunning Seaside Property with Awesome AV

This property was originally designed to help show clients and design professionals how to create exceptional homes and make every day that little bit more special with bespoke and fully integrated AV solutions. This high quality, residential space showcases a multitude of different solutions, rather than just a selection of products, and is both exciting and educational. We worked closely with a talented interior designer to prove that technology and design can work together beautifully.

This award nominated property includes every service we offer, demonstrating what residential AV is really about - bespoke and fully integrated solutions that enhance the way we live our lives:

Home Cinema
Media Room
Listening Room
Golf Simulator
Savant whole-home control
Lutron automated lighting, curtains and blinds throughout
Distributed audio to 13 zones
Distributed video to up to 8 rooms
Robust networking infrastructure combining managed Wi-Fi and hard-wired network points
Integrated video door entry and internal intercom
Integrated motorised garage door and access gate
8 camera IP CCTV system
Integration of 18 independent heating zones

Home Cinema in Detail

The Home Cinema comprises of a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system, a HD projector with 4K upscaling, and 100" 4K acoustically transparent screen. The centrally located video and audio sources are available in the cinema, along with the CCTV system. Additionally we have incorporated local sources to the cinema, including an Xbox One and Kaleidescape M500 player, which connect to the Denon AV receiver. All elements can be controlled via Savant using the dedicated Wi-Fi remote or the iOS app. The design of the room has been carefully considered with a sleek and modern decor. The acoustic wall treatments are also of our own design, comprising of fabric panels concealing acoustic foam, highlighting our full service approach to our work.

Media Room in Detail

The Media Room consists of a 5.1 surround sound system, including 'invisible' plastered-in speakers and subwoofer, with a wall-mounted 60" display. This Media Room is a great demonstration tool as it is incorporated into an open plan Kitchen/Diner, which is an increasingly popular layout in many homes, effectively showing that a dedicated room is not required to obtain a great audio visual experience.

Listening Room in Detail

The Listening Room comprises of high quality floor-standing speakers, connected to a Linn Akurate Exakt DSM capable of Studio Master audio playback. The system is able to play music from internet radio and via Airplay, and also has access to centrally located audio sources. A wall-mounted display has also been installed and the sound system is connected to the video distribution system via HDMI, allowing audio from the TV to be routed through the speakers. The beauty of this room is being able to show the versatility of a dedicated audio space and to test and demonstrate a variety of speakers.

Golf Simulator in Detail

We are particularly proud of this Golf Simulator, housed in a high-octane entertainment space. We installed the HD Golf high spec Championship Curve system, which is connected to the video distribution system, meaning that sports games or games consoles can be projected onto the 3.3m x 2.5m screen for a truly awesome experience. The room also includes a wall-mounted 40" display and powerful, high quality speakers and subwoofer with bespoke grilles, also connected to the audio distribution system. The acoustic wall treatments mean the speakers can be turned right up for a club-like atmosphere that is great for a party but also adds serious power to a workout, for those more inclined towards a dedicated gym.

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