Wandsworth Home Cinema

An Award Winning Family Space

Featured in the Sunday Times Home section November 2018.

As part of a whole house renovation project we specified and installed a home cinema in the basement of the property.

We are now very proud to announce that this cinema project was awarded Best Home Cinema Under 40,000 pounds by CEDIA at the CEDIA EMEA Awards 2017!

The cinema space was a key focus for the client. As a young family, they wanted somewhere they could all hang out together, enjoying films and TV. It also had to work for sport, with friends being invited round to watch the rugby on a regular basis.

The main challenge in the project was the requirement to maximize the available floor space, a principle applied throughout the whole house. The tanked concrete walls of the basement room meant that, to maximise the floor space, it was necessary to specify equipment which didn't require lots of depth in the walls.

We selected Artcoustic loudspeakers for this project. Artcoustic loudspeakers are always high on our list when selecting speakers due to their thin form factor, efficient nature and great sound. All three of these attributes played well in this project. The shallow depth helped us keep wall build up to a minimum, maximising the floor space. The efficient nature of the speakers means that we didn't need to use large power amplifiers, instead a single AV receiver was comfortably able to power the speakers to reference level, saving on cabinet space required. One of the great things about Artcoustic speakers is that they sound amazing, whilst also providing the benefits listed before, a trick not managed by many.

When this project was specified, Dolby Atmos capable processors and receivers were out of the budget. To ensure that the client had the option in the future, we specified and installed the appropriate speaker cabling, so that there would no messy cable running to do should the client opt to enable Dolby Atmos in the future.

The client's interior designer specified a fabric for the walls which was not acoustically transparent. As a result, the speakers we specified for the surround sound channels had to be visible, fitted in the fabric rather than behind. The in-wall Artcoustic loudspeakers are round, but we specified them with rectangular front grilles so that their shape would sit well next to the movie posters which sit on the walls between them.

Finally, we coupled the amazing speaker system with a 4k capable Sony projector and Screen Research screen. This combination produces a stunningly detailed, bright and colourful image. The client has access to the centralised video sources available to the rest of the house (Sky, Apple TV) and also local sources such as a BluRay player. Using this architecture provides lots of flexibility allowing, for example, a games console to be added to the cinema system should it be required as the children get older.


  • Sony VW 300ES Projector
  • Artcoustic Spitfire 6-3 SL Speakers (L,C,R)
  • Artcoustic Architech 2-1 SL (Surround Speakers)
  • 2 x KEF Q400 Subwoofers
  • Denon AVR-X4200
  • Pioneer BDP450
  • Screen Research 100" Fixed Frame Screen
  • Control4 SR260

Approx. Budget: £15,000

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