Wandsworth Style and Substance

Providing the finishing touches to this stunningly stylish, modern family home

Delighted with the Lutron automated blinds we installed in their previous home, our clients once again engaged us for blinds in their new kitchen. The property had been fitted with a full Lutron Homeworks QS lighting system and the cabling had been run to allow the installation of Lutron shades too.

As the south facing kitchen gets very hot during the day, we specified and installed a set of roller blinds using dual-sided fabric designed to reflect the heat away from the room. The large full-height window was split into three sections, so we aligned the blinds to match. Not only did this look great but also allowed us to set up a scene where just the end blind was raised while the others were lowered, thus allowing access to the garden through the end sliding door.

The lighting system had only a basic set of scenes programmed, so we worked with the client to reprogram it to their requirements. We then had the keypads engraved to match - a step we highly recommend - ensuring easy use of the lighting for everyone who visits the property.

During our first site visit, it quickly transpired that there was work to be done on the existing Control4 home automation system, as well as requirements for new TVs in a number of areas. We love all things AV at Philharmonic and were therefore delighted when the client asked us to get involved in these aspects too.

As the large basement media room needed to be kitted out entirely, we specified and installed a large 85" TV and matching custom-width sound bar, moved the existing in-celling surround sound speakers to work with the clients desired room layout, and programmed the Control4 system to control everything via a simple handheld remote.

The clients wanted the full surround sound experience, and no such system can be complete without a subwoofer to provide the low-end bass sounds. However, in such a stylish and sophisticated space, a regular 'big black box' subwoofer wasn't going to cut it. We worked with the sound-bar manufacturers Artcoustic Loudspeakers to produce a wall-mounted subwoofer finished in the same paint as the wall, and in so doing minimised the visual impact such a powerful piece of equipment might otherwise have on such an aesthetically impressive space.

The end result is a high performance media room in which the audio and video equipment complements the style of the room rather than standing out against it. Quite an achievement when accommodating an 85" TV!

We're very proud of the positive influence the technology we integrated in the project has on the clients' day-to-day life and look forward to working with them again.


  • Lutron Roller64 Roller Blinds
  • Samsung 48" TV
  • Samsung 85" TV
  • Denon AVR X7200
  • Artcoustic Multisoundbar SL (bespoke width)
  • Artcoustic Impact 1 Subwoofer (bespoke finish)
  • Artcoustic PA250 Amplifier
  • Control4 SR260 Remote Controls
  • Wyrestorm Video Matrix

Approx. Budget: £35,000

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