Home Automation and Control

A place for everything, everything in its place. Benjamin Franklin, Politician

Like all great technology, your smart home should be complex beneath the surface but simple to control.

In fact, it can be so simple you can control everything - your TVs, music, heating, lighting, blinds, security systems - from a remote control, smartphone or touchpad. From turning a system on or off to a complex sequence involving multiple systems triggered from a single button, a home automation system should be intuitive to use and eliminate the need for numerous remotes, thus making your state-of-the-art home a tidy one.

And if you want more automation and less control, light and motion sensors can be installed to automatically trigger any of your systems you like. Perhaps your blinds and curtains to open and close with sunrise and sunset, or your gates and garage to open as you enter your driveway. Anything you can imagine, a smart home automation system can deliver.

The future really is in your hands.

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