Never has the demand for Luxury AV and Smarthome Integration been greater. . .

8 December 2021

Steve Harper, Client Services Director at Philharmonic, explains why.

The automated home and high-performance entertainment sector is on a high with many businesses reporting their most successful period on record. This phenomenon is set to continue and increase for 2022 and will see many more homeowners, developers, interior designers and investors increase their interest in and demand for these types of systems and functionality.

The past 18 months has of course been a very difficult one for many sectors with industries such as travel and hospitality suffering for obvious reasons under COVID 19 restrictions and the associated cultural shifts that have occurred because of those restrictions. However, some industries have seen significant increases in demand for their services, particularly sectors which focus on the ‘home’.

As restrictions and the expansion of home working meant more people were spending significantly more time at home, demand for more efficient, more entertaining and more relaxing spaces has increased significantly. The most recent past has also seen the early beginnings of a more permanent shift in culture, where a desire to re-think work/life balance and to explore more thoroughly how home-life can be improved has emerged. 

Demand has increased across the board with interest in fully automated homes, intelligent lighting and shades, multi-room entertainment systems, home cinemas, smart security systems supported by a strong network/Wi-Fi infrastructure reaching levels never seen before.

Looking ahead and to support that demand, interior designers, developers and architects needs partner companies that take high-performance delivery, customer care and reliability as seriously as they do, so seeking a company with a proven track record of delivering results across different types of projects and different types of building stock, period and modern is essential.

Partnering with an expert in the luxury AV and smart home field early on in a project gives all involved the space and the peace of mind that this aspect of the project is in safe hands and key stakeholders can get on with delivering the complete vision for the project. 

As for me, my role involves developing and evolving our relationships with new and existing design partners, including architects and interior designers. This includes managing our market positioning, managing pre-sales activities and contract negotiation. I am supported by a team with an excess of 75 years of experience in the sector.

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