Digital Art Meets AV Integration

London, UK
This customer collects all manner of pieces from traditional painting and sculpture through to modern digital art. Our team created a showcase for this discerning customer’s most recent digital acquisition.

Created by international art collective TeamLab and provided by Pace Galleries in New York, these latest purchases were created to be displayed on high-performance LED panels, forming an impressive and beautiful video wall.

The software that creates the artwork is stored on dedicated hard-drives and runs via Apple Mac Minis feeding the four high-performance LED displays. 

Specialist video management equipment ensures the art is always supplied at the correct output and in perfect clarity.

Each monitor has been installed vertically and arranged in a line to form one large and highly impressive video wall display. 

Philharmonic designed an alcove which the client’s contractor created within an existing wall, to house the video wall. 

A Control4 smart home system, means the customer can switch easily and intuitively between the different digital art works via a smartphone or tablet or close the system down.  

The Control4 programming also allows for scheduled events so the artwork can be changed automatically at specific times of day.

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