Graceful Life-Enhancing Lighting

16 November 2021

This customer needed a full update to a smart home system that had ceased to service the full needs of the family. The system had to cause as little disruption as possible during the installation phase and the customer also wanted peace of mind that the system would be fully supported once installed. 

In response our experts provided easy access to controlling every aspect of the home’s environment, from intelligent lighting and shading, heating and cooling, audio visual systems and security.

One of the showcase abilities of the smart home system is the Lutron Homeworks QS platform which enables intelligent control of ambient and artificial light throughout this beautifully presented property in harmony with the interior vision for the home.

Philharmonic also provided a rock-solid up-grade the home’s Wi-Fi network, control over the audio-visual systems in the family room including large screen TV, surround sound system and music only playback as well as full control over a gate entry system.

Full support for the system to maintain its high-standards and evolve over time is also in place.

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Basement Entertainment Excellence

16 November 2021

Our technicians always partner with the best specialists in each field when something as specific as a golf simulator is required. A long-standing relationship with market leaders HD Golf UK, meant this system was the obvious choice.

 A special basement had to be dug to accommodate the golf simulator and due to the complexities of making this happen, the customer was very keen to maximise the functionality of the space.

The Philharmonic team ensured this was the case, by not just designing and installing the high-performance golf simulator, but adding home cinema, gaming and entertaining options.

The simulator features a flat screen and high brightness projector directly connected the golf sim computer for fast and immersive play.

 A specially configured set of speakers in the ceiling surrounds the player with audio to offer further levels of realism and enjoyment.

A Control4 smart home system is present which allows the family to move effortlessly from one fun activity to the next. Golf, movies, gaming, or just music only party time, it’s all just a button press away.

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Exquisite Kensington Entertainment

16 November 2021

As a successful interior designer, our customer’s brief was as specific about the aesthetic as the functional aspects of the project.

Regularly working from home, he wanted to listen to radio in several different rooms during the day without any synchronisation issues. Then, when relaxing with family and friends, he also wanted to delve into an extensive music collection and online music sources to create the perfect mood for every occasion.

What we delivered didn’t compromise on either aspect as the multi-room systems enhance the look of the home as well as delivering hours of high-performance entertainment.

Music zones were woven into the drawing room, sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, en-suite and dressing room.

A big challenge was delivering high-quality TV viewing without affecting the carefully created interiors. This was achieved via a series of either hidden or subtly integrated TV and audio installations offering easy-to-access viewing experiences in perfect harmony with the interior design of the property.

Our client is delighted how we have delivered the perfect music and viewing experience, while maintaining the exquisite look to his home.

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Digital Art Meets AV Integration

16 November 2021

Created by international art collective TeamLab and provided by Pace Galleries in New York, these latest purchases were created to be displayed on high-performance LED panels, forming an impressive and beautiful video wall.

The software that creates the artwork is stored on dedicated hard-drives and runs via Apple Mac Minis feeding the four high-performance LED displays. 

Specialist video management equipment ensures the art is always supplied at the correct output and in perfect clarity.

Each monitor has been installed vertically and arranged in a line to form one large and highly impressive video wall display. 

Philharmonic designed an alcove which the client’s contractor created within an existing wall, to house the video wall. 

A Control4 smart home system, means the customer can switch easily and intuitively between the different digital art works via a smartphone or tablet or close the system down.  

The Control4 programming also allows for scheduled events so the artwork can be changed automatically at specific times of day.

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Opulence By The Ocean

16 November 2021

In this seaside property, our team worked closely with the project’s interior designer to deliver a range of luxury entertainment experiences that enhance the beauty of the home without any compromise.

This award-nominated project’s brief was to integrate a wide range of high-quality entertainment systems harmoniously into the interior design of the property – lifting the home to new levels of bespoke luxury created around the occupiers’ desires.

Coordinating with the interior designer, our experts used all their skills to create rooms that match the aesthetic ambitions of the property, delivering spaces that are a delight to be in, even before the high-performance systems spring to life.

The house includes a beautiful home cinema, a stand-out media room, multiple zones of listening and viewing opportunities, and a golf simulator.

Invisible speakers plastered into the walls is just one advanced technique used by our installation engineers in this property to deliver the right level of finish and fun!

The home also benefits from a home automation system which delivers intuitive control of the building’s ambience for the whole family.

The family love how easy the system is to use and much in enhances each aspect of life at home.

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Victorian AV Ensemble

16 November 2021

This project demonstrates how beautiful period properties can have it all: a wonderful renovation, complete with high-performance entertainment systems that perfectly match and enhance their surroundings.

This music-loving family wanted easy access to their favourite soundtracks throughout the property, but without any negative impact on the features of this beautiful period property.

Marrying period fixtures and aesthetics with modern AV equipment takes experience and skill. The right products need to be selected, and then integrated into the home with the utmost care.

The family’s music collection, streamed music channels and internet radio can be accessed in single rooms or can be played back throughout the home for when it’s party time!

Across the home, TV is enjoyed in many of the rooms, including a beautiful living room, offering a discreet AV system which takes viewing to the next level in terms of performance.

Throughout this elegant property all the AV equipment is matched in design and colour to add not only the right level of enjoyment, but to the interior vision too.

To look at, you’d think that the master Victorian builders had access to all the high-performance equipment when they originally created the home.

Style, performance and aesthetic compatibility are the standout features for the proud homeowners.

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