Aftercare and Maintenance Services

16 November 2021

Our team with over 75 years of home automation and AV experience between them are in place and on call to provide 24/7 support and maintain every system we create.

Our experts ensure that, not only does the system fulfil the customer’s every need, but that it continually adapts to their changing requirements.

Building our systems in partnership with architects, interior designers and developers, is just the start of a permanent relationship where service and expert advice come as standard.

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Security and Access Control

16 November 2021

Our systems take in every aspect of prevention and threat reaction woven expertly into the rest of the home’s automation systems to create an overarching and complete security proposition.

Sympathetically integrated with the exterior and interior of the home, our security systems, subtly, but expertly create the peace of mind every homeowner needs.

Home Automation

16 November 2021

Our experienced home automation engineers and programmers create bespoke control systems that perfectly match each family’s priorities and lifestyle.

Every aspect, including intelligent lighting, multi-room entertainment, heating and cooling, security and communications, all come under fast and feature-rich control.

Home Networking / Wi-Fi

16 November 2021

Achieving the high levels of functionality luxury homes demand, requires a comprehensive and carefully planned network, which considers the needs of the homeowners, along with the unique characteristics of the building.

Philharmonic delivers rock-solid networks, bespoke built for every client and property.

Intelligent Lighting and Shades

16 November 2021

Our expertly designed systems offer the opportunity to add comfort, style, drama and efficiency to any luxury home.

We provide holistic control of ambient and artificial light, to enable our engineers to create systems that chime perfectly with any lifestyle.

For instance, a Philharmonic lighting system can match the circadian rhythms that exist in us all, so rooms not only look stunning and are easy to control, but also promote wellness and harmony too.

Luxury Home Cinema

16 November 2021

Our team expertly delivers the magic of home cinema, an experience that inspires emotion, creates memories, and delivers entertainment in sumptuous, relaxing and stylish surroundings.

Each bespoke home cinema delivers the highest performance possible, transporting viewers to new worlds, whether their passion is Sci-Fi, film noir, blockbuster popcorn movies, sporting events or music concerts.

At Philharmonic we create both opulent dedicated home cinema rooms and systems that weave unseen into a multi-use living room space.

Working in luxury homes, often with leading architects and interior designers, we are the UK’s leading concierge when it comes to luxury home cinema creation.

Multi-Room Entertainment

16 November 2021

We enable homeowners to enjoy their favourite viewing or listening experiences wherever they are, all without compromising the carefully crafted aesthetics of the home.

Whether it’s watching TV in the bath, listening to a recipe in the kitchen or relaxing in the living room with music or a movie, our expertly created systems offer intuitive and comprehensive access to any entertainment experience imaginable woven right into the fabric of the home.