C Seed

Futuristic, beautiful, design inspired viewing

4 July 2022

Interior designers and architects that have clients who wish to include viewing TV or other types of content in their living spaces need to find solutions that match the scale, design quality and aesthetic ambition of the project as a whole. There are solutions that can deliver on this level, but they are only available through an experienced and qualified smart home integration and luxury AV expert.

If your understanding of television technology and viewing options is simply that these days customers can have a large flat screen TV, essentially the same as a conventional TV, just larger, then think again.

There are many options from manufacturers you will have heard of and some you won’t. However, what they all have in common is that they require specialist installation but can deliver incredibly high performance in terms of viewing, but are also a design led statement technology piece that will work with your vision.

Samsung is a company that has some spectacular options here using new technology built around micro sized RGB LED elements to deliver one of the most advanced screen technologies ever created. Designed with inorganic self-emitting elements, this technology can cope with a huge variety of projects and is particularly strong in areas with high-ambient light. Viewing quality is of the highest standard, but the screens, although very large, are also thin.

Products such as the 100in Samsung Micro Led Smart TV are designed around an ‘Infinity Screen’ created to remove the perception of borders between content and screen and between the screen and the wall the product is mounted on, seamlessly matching any décor. When switched off the screen works as a canvas for a range of beautiful artificial landscapes from Refik Anadol Studio allowing customised patterns or images to turn the screen into a gallery to personalise the space. Calling this product a TV is way too primitive a description, it is a window on the world.

Also from Samsung, another advanced supersize TV option that uses the same technology is called The Wall. With new AI processing technology, 8K viewing quality, 120Hz frame rates and versatile installation, The Wall reimagines display technology to give a futuristic design led solution for customers simply looking for the most impressive viewing experience on the planet. The way the concept is designed means that the customer can have almost any size of screen they want. Using modular technology, The Wall can be installed in a variety of positions, including concave, convex, ceiling, hanging, inclined and L-type.

Another well known name in consumer electronics is LG who also have an option here, the suitably futuristically named MSD 3000. Like many of these products the concept is well suited to open plan designs with lots of either ambient or artificial light. The 136in product can be fitted into living spaces with a unique, Scandinavian designed free standing or wall mounted solution to provide an attractive aesthetic finish in contemporary interiors.

A final name here you probably won’t have heard of is C SEED with its high-concept Monolith 1 or M1. This draw dropping product has been created for when owners do not want to see their super-sized viewing product on show until they are ready to watch.

Available in 165, 137 & 103in options, the C SEED blazes the trail for interior design friendly concepts and adds a spectacular feature to luxury homes as the entire product emerges from beneath the floor and gracefully unfurls into a high-performance 4K TV. The product was created by designer Stefan Pani, a University of Applied Arts Vienna graduate, he created a frame with integrated soundboard that unfolds and then settles smoothly on a base made up of four plates. Function follows form here, visually very coherent, luxuriously minimalist and with an exciting, aggressively elegant tension. This innovative maker also has even larger options available for outdoor viewing created in partnership with Porsche Design Studio.

Even if none of these options suit, Philharmonic can reach out to our many industry contacts to create bespoke solutions designed to a specific brief. We can build LED video walls of any size, flat, curved, semi-transparent, ceiling mounted, specific shapes, all ideal for digital artwork or architectural features using technology.  

For years film makers and sci-fi writers have imagined a future where super-sized viewing experiences enhanced the entertainment and information available in the home, products so advanced in their design that they are as much part of the home as the rest of the structure, well now your customers can own one. Give us a call to find out more.