Mad skills mean we are in harmony with you

11 October 2022

When partnering with a smart home and luxury AV expert, you may not be interested in all of the technical details of what the equipment we install delivers, but you still want to know you are working with the very best. Our team search out the very finest high performance equipment available on the planet, just one example of this is the madVR Envy video processor.

The equipment we use in our home cinema designs is already amongst the finest in the world. We carefully choose each piece of equipment to suit the needs of the space and of the customer. Still, our team always strive to go the extra mile and find equipment that makes the best even better.

The madVR Envy is the most advanced, modern-day video processor for high-end home cinemas. Basically, what this powerful piece of equipment does is plug itself into the brains of every home cinema and upscale the performance to unrivalled levels.

Today’s top end cinemas needs to achieve the very best performance from image technologies like 4K HDR. This relatively recently developed technology creates more lifelike and more colourful images providing a much wider palette for content creators to express themselves. However, to get the very best from this new imaging approach powerful processing is needed to deliver every last drop of expression and colour into the image. The madVR Envy is like a turbocharger on an engine accelerating the performance to where we want it to be which means more vibrancy, accuracy and enjoyment.

Other abilities delivered by this equipment offer dynamic tone mapping for more life-like images and instant aspect ratio detection. This means our intelligent home cinema screens will adjust instantly to exactly the right size to host the content that is being watched accommodating 16/9 content such as sports broadcasting from a satellite or streaming service, or ‘cinemascope’ for a true cinema experience from a disc recording or high-performance content server. The result is no black bars around what the customer is watching ever.

The Envy also has another trick up its sleeve with image ‘upscaling’. What this means is that it can take an image that is standard definition and enhance it all the way up into a 4K, 5K or even 8K image offering superb performance no matter what type of content is being watched. Customers’ legacy DVD collections for example gain a whole new lease of life and streaming services that are offering a below par picture performance can be enhanced to a much higher level. The Envy is so advanced that it is the first and only dedicated video processor to use machine learning algorithms with real-time video streams, taking video quality to a whole new level.

A key part of any home cinema project is calibration of the system once all of the equipment is installed. This is so we can precisely set the performance curves of the equipment to suit the space that it’s been installed in but also the priorities and tastes of the customer. The processing power of the madVR Envy enables incredibly accurate calibrations, allowing our engineers to be even more precise in delivering exactly what the customer needs.

Another cool thing about the madVR Envy is that our engineers can dial into the system when not even in the same building. Logging on to the system via the internet our engineers can monitor the performance of the cinema in real time solving any issues instantly and ensuring the cinema is always at its very best.

Those involved in the interior design community or developers, may not care about the intimate details of home centre performance, but the fact that we go to these lengths to ensure we get the very best, is an endorsement of our entire approach. We work just as hard on our relationships with related trades to ensure not only is our home cinema performance in harmony with the customer our approach is in harmony with you to.