The Boom In Home Entertainment Experiences

14 January 2022

Steve Harper, Client Services Director, Philharmonic examines the rise and rise of high-quality home entertainment. 

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed people’s attitudes to a great many things. Perhaps people have realised they want to achieve a better life work balance, perhaps prioritise family and leisure time over long hours and often unnecessary meetings and travelling. Whilst some sectors such as hospitality have suffered under the pandemic, the smart home and entertainment sector has boomed as customers want to create home environments that better meet their needs, not just on a practical level, but when it comes to having fun too. Enquiries right across the country have increased significantly for smart home systems, home cinemas, audio visual systems such as multi-room music and viewing installations and other forms of entertainment too.  

Philharmonic developed implemented stringent rules and practices for continuing to work in clients homes when lockdowns were in force and were inundated with enquiries for ‘home entertainment upgrades’. The most popular of which have been dedicated Home Cinema spaces and Golf & Multi-Sport Simulators, the latter being one of the fastest-growing products in the dedicated entertainment space category. This trend shows no sign of slowing down as (hopefully) we move back towards a more predictable situation as the vaccines have done their work. 

Home cinema

The way we enjoy the latest movies is in the middle of a monumental shift that started way before Coronavirus ever hit our shores with Netflix and other streaming services pushing ‘at home premieres’ for a long time. Now, to win revenue by releasing some of their titles via streaming services at a premium price point, the major movie studios are allowing that paradigm shift. Other options are also available such as high-performance movie storage and delivery systems such as Kaleidescape, that take things to another level again. 

Sadly, for many the experience of watching a new movie on their TV and soundbar doesn’t quite stir the pleasure centres in the same way as a decent quality commercial cinema experience would. However, with the technology we now have available, its entirely possible to create and surpass the experience of a good commercial cinema right at home. And the price points this can be achieved for, will surprise you. 

Golf & multi-sports simulation

Not the first thing that might come to mind when designing or building a home, but with people more than ever focused on how they spend their time at home and gaming now the fastest growing technology market in the world – simulation is one of the natural next steps in residential entertainment spaces. With shot tracing technology commonplace at driving ranges and entertainment venues like TopGolf, golfers that have the disposable income are now looking to integrators to deliver authentic virtual sports experiences in their homes.

Aside from golf, some brands such as High Definition Golf are market leaders in ‘multi-sports’ which put simply, based on the same camera platform as the golf simulators, can deliver authentic and fun games across a multitude of other sports and games, including but not limited to; Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, American Football, Clay-Pigeon Shooting and Bowling.

How Does This Affect Design and Build?

During the initial stages of any home design or build it is important to ascertain from the customer if they plan to have any home entertainment or simulation system installed, not just from a cabling perspective, but also because some of the systems require non-standard ceiling heights (anything up to 3.5m) to install properly. If you require any guidance on designing the right space for home cinema or simulation, please get in touch with our team by emailing or calling 0207 887 2424

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