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7 February 2022

Steve Harper, Client Services Director, Philharmonic, explains how the company has created the perfect smart home and high-performance AV partner for the London luxury property market.

Every successful business must from time to time assess its core competencies and ensure it is offering a focused and relatable service to the markets it is endeavouring to serve. Recent history, for obvious reasons, has led many companies to focus in on exactly what is it that makes them unique or special. To meet the challenge of a rise in demand for the products and services we offer and to ensure we can deliver support that genuinely chimes with the trades that we partner with (leading architects, developers and interior designers), Philharmonic has completed a rebranding and refocusing exercise to ensure we are 100% on task to deliver the smart home and AV experiences the luxury property market needs.

If you are an architect, interior designer or developer working in London and the South of the UK, the increase in demand around smart home and luxury AV experiences is a phenomenon that is key to ensuring you deliver what your customers want, giving your projects an edge. But how do you identify a company that can deliver all of these experiences, reliably and expertly? A desire to make this challenge as easy as possible is behind our refocused approach.

Experts in our field 

Like many companies in our sector, we have completed many different types of projects since coming into the market. In total we have collected 75 years of smart home engineering experience in our team completing a huge number of projects, some of them award winning. We have had success in many parts of our sector, but assessing all of our history led to the inescapable conclusion, that where we really excel is servicing the London and S.E luxury property market. This sector is showing huge growth potential with penetration into luxury new builds and refurbishments for smart home and AV still at relatively modest levels, but with demand growing.

Initiatives such as a new website, a refocusing of roles within the company and increased social media activity across the board, are just a few of the highlights in our efforts to ensure that trades that want to add smart home and luxury AV experiences to their projects have a partner that is easily identifiable. 

Our team is able to deliver smart home functionality such as intelligent lighting/shading, security systems, HVAC and environmental control, Wi-Fi/home networking as well as high-performance entertainment systems such as home cinemas.

These systems do not exist in a vacuum however, Philharmonic is structured to ensure that all of the services are designed in concert with our developer, interior design and architect partners with a full understanding of the overall aim for the project and an appreciation of the challenges all these different disciplines face.It’s time for a smart home partner who understands your business, time to work in harmony with Philharmonic.

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In harmony with you.
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