Where To Begin With Home Cinema Design & Install?

14 January 2022

Many people are realising that they would love to have enhanced home entertainment experiences, maybe their friends have a home cinema, maybe they have read about them on-line, but where do you start in creating one of your own? 

Entertainment has become a lot more personal and accessible; we can get to the content we want quite easily, but what if you want that content to be presented in a more engaging and high-quality way? Commercial cinemas can be impersonal and of questionable quality, even the good ones force you to spend long periods of time in a darkened room with a load of strangers. These days, many people simply do not want to put themselves through that experience. 

Yes, some movie theatres can offer high-quality images and sound, but that same technology is readily available for the home consumer as well. Not only is a home cinema more inviting and welcoming, but it is also a place in your home where you can escape and really indulge in some proper down time. Home cinemas often become the most popular room in the house.

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make for your home cinema will be choosing a location in your home. While many homeowners prefer converting their unused spaces such as attic or basement, it’s also a popular option to transform existing spaces to offer full screen immersion with surround sound. These days as well as dedicated cinema spaces, it is also possible to weave systems into the fabric of an existing living space so it does not impact on the décor and remains hidden until called on.   

However, whether you want conversion, transformation or new build, there is always a right system available for your room. As well as spacing, it is important to get the size and shape correct, as well as deciding upon a TV or a projector.

With the help of integrated lighting systems, it is also possible to attain true cinematic experiences where lighting plays an important part in ensuring true immersion. A perfectly isolated cinema room offers fantastic light and audio distribution where both are well-placed and interior design is carefully crafted to prevent the sound from reverberating around the room.

At Philharmonic, we specialise in transforming any room in into perfect entertainment spaces for watching films and TV shows, playing games and enjoying surround sound. Whether you want invisible speakers in the walls, cinema seats or a hidden TV, our experienced teamwork with you from design to installation to meet your bespoke needs and create your ultimate reality.

Our custom designed smart home systems provide the perfect multimedia and immersive experiences from any source, on any screen type. We incorporate high-resolution audio, best-in-class surround sound, high-definition TV and customised lighting to complete the experience.

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